our complete photobooth DIY-Kit
helps you building your own photobox in no time!

You already own a DSLR camera?
Then self-o-mat is the right option for you!

What's in the box?

The complete kit includes everything you need!

The photo booth kit includes everything you need to build your own photobooth. It starts with the wooden case and ends with electronics and screws.
All the electronics you need is included in your self-o-mat photobooth kit.


Some software highlights

Fluid Live-Preview

The fluid live preview always shows what's going on in front of the box! The image is mirrored so that users are able to easily position themselves in front of the camera. A 'live' slogan is overlayed so that users know that the image is a preview only.

The photo booth allows you to add your own design on top of each printed picture.
Template Overlay

If you want to add that special touch to your images, we've got you covered. With the template overlay function, you just need to upload your overlay to the box and it will be overlayed fully automatic on top of each image. The image will be shown on all prints as well as on the final image preview.

Building your own photobooth does not mean that the pictures have to look dull. With the automatic filter, your images will look just beautiful!
Smart Filter

Raw images always look dull and boring. Therefore the self-o-mat software has a smart filter integrated. It automatically enhances the contrast and colors to your liking. You can tweak the filter as well as turn it off completely. All saved photos are unedited in original quality!

All photobooth settings can be set via built-in app!
Change settings using the app!

All photobooth settings are available using an integrated web app. Just point any wifi enabled device to the box and change the settings to your liking.

Simple user interface

To make the self-o-mat accessible for all people, the user interface is simple: With one push of a button, the picture is taken. No explanation needed.

Compare the self-o-mat

Having your own photobooth has lot's of advantages. Check it out:

self-o-mat Photobooth renting services
Basic Photobooth functionality
DSLR camera for great picture quality
Easy use for young and old people using a simple button?
Beautiful vintage style design?
Use the photobooth as often as you like. For example on your: Birthday, Wedding, Company Event, Garden Party, Christmas, ...
Use your own camera and printer
Cheaper compared to other photobooths
Test the photobooth before your event
Put the photobooth on a tripod

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you find answers here

How do I use the photobooth
Our photobooth - the selfomat - is triggered using the white arcade style button below the screen. After triggering, the LED ring will show an animated countdown and take the picture. The final picture will then shown to the user and printed.
Can I use my own DSLR camera with your photobox?
Of course you can use your own DSLR camera with the photobox. We support most Canon and Nikon DSLRs.
Can I use my own printer with the photo-booth?
You can connect your own printer to the selfomat. The printer needs to be compatible with linux. If you're looking for a cheap supported printer, check out the Canon Selphy CP-13000.
How do I get the photos?
The selfomat saves all pictures to the connected USB drive if it is enabled in the App. Simply turn off the photobooth and take the stick.

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